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Our clients include realtors, home builders, rental managers, architects, closet designers and others who market to homebuyers, homeowners and renters. Retailers, restaurants, grocers, travel, automotive and entertainment industries have also benefited from our work, ‘er, words.

We love words. Pioneering technology and diverse communication platforms may continue to evolve, however, unique content still relies on solid language skills and ‘best word choice’.

We’ll choose the best words to describe your products and services in ways that ensure your message is received every time; as intended.


Get past the gatekeeper faster when cold calling!  Talk your way into any office when you strategically package and deliver small treats during your visit.   Discover why our clients are sweet  on our marketing day gift ideas. They are the perfect icebreaker when canvassing new territory to promote your  organization.

Our company’s founder is a former news reporter, anchor, voiceover talent and copywriter who worked both in radio and television – nearly a decade in the 90s.

If these  media roots form the foundation of our business, another 20 years in the housing industry as licensed real estate broker, sales agent, property manager, leasing consultant and marketing director are the pillars of Write Idea Creations!

Take a listen to some of our voiceover work by clicking the SAMPLES button above.  We even wrote all of the copy. 

Stay tuned…our video segment Sweet Success will teach you how to create small, portable, relevant and beautiful ‘door-opener’ gifts  that leave a lasting impression about your business.

Writing Samples

               Thank you in advance for considering Write Idea Creations!


Something to Talk About...

"It was a pleasure working with Genesis. She was professional, prompt and provided quality service. I will definitely be using her services again!"
Desiree C. Jones, CEO
"Genesis is a veteran of the industry. She knows Jacksonville and can deliver a high-quality product for your business through her creative writing and voice-overs."
Regent Ducas, Owner